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The Maldonado Law Firm provides legal advice and assistance in a wide variety of areas. Whether you need advice prior to filing a lawsuit, whether you are pursuing or defending against litigation, or whether you are involved in an appeal to a higher court, we can help you with all your legal needs.


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Civil Law


Our attorneys have handled numerous lawsuits for both Plaintiffs and Defendants and have the experience and knowledge to assist you with your civil case.

We have handled lawsuits in small claims, county, and circuit courts throughout Central Florida and can assist you in bringing your case to a resolution either through settlement or trial. While we can never guarantee a perfect result, we can always guarantee our strong resolve in fighting to protect your valuable interests.

Appellate Law


Sometimes when you win or lose a case, that does not necessarily mean the case is over. Either party can appeal a court's decision to a higher court under certain circumstances and there is a possibility that the case may be sent back to the lower court with new instructions on how to proceed with your case.

We have handled appeals and argued numerous cases in Florida appellate courts. We can assist you with reviewing a lower court's decision and helping you ascertain whether an appeal may be necessary. If so, we will handle your appeal with the utmost care and attention.

Immigration Law


Our firm is proud of the assistance we have provided in helping foreign nationals obtain legal immigration status in the United States. We strongly believe in legal immigration and strive to assist our international clients in legally entering the United States and contributing to our great society

Whether you are a U.S. Citizen seeking to bring a relative into the country or an immigrant seeking to obtain Lawful Permanent Residence or Naturalization as a U.S. Citizen, we can help you navigate the complexities of our immigration system and petition process to achieve your American dream.

Lemon Law


You just bought a brand new's beautiful, shiny, the perfect color you wanted, loaded with all the options, and your new pride and joy. Soon after you drive it off the lot, it begins to exhibit various problems and turns out to be a "lemon." What are your options?


Our firm can assist you with ensuring that you are not left out in the cold by your dealer or car manufacturer. Florida law provides relief for you under the Florida Lemon Law and you may be eligible for a refund of your purchase price or a replacement vehicle. We can assist you with the proper procedures to obtain that relief.


Real Estate Law / Family Law


Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of real estate cases including assistance with foreclosures, homeowners' associations, condo associations, boundary disputes, and other real estate matters.

We have also assisted clients with various family law matters, including divorces, child custody and modifications, DCF proceedings, name changes, and paternity actions. While family law disputes can be some of the most stressful times for our clients, our experienced attorneys will help guide our clients through the storms of these disputes and zealously advocate for the best possible scenarios for our clients.

Hearing Coverage​


We have handled numerous hearings, mediations, and trials for various firms throughout the state. If your firm is located outside of central Florida, we can save you travel and expense by attending your court proceedings and mediations on your behalf as "local counsel." Our attorneys have successfully covered everything from pretrial conferences to motion hearings, mediations, and trials in county and circuit courts. Contact us today for all of your coverage needs!

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